Online and Store Sales are Not Your Friend!

I created the below graphic because I was almost scammed! I went to purchase my son a Halloween costume, Daniel Tiger of course. I thought, "I'm so smart, I'll get him something he can wear more than once, like a red hoodie!"

I go onto They have this awesome feature on their site where you can search for a kid's costume and they will tell you what to buy. So, goody ole me, I search for Alex's costume on their website. They recommend a red hoodie, plus an orange t-shit and orange pants. Surely, he needs the shirt and pants to look like a tiger!! I add the red hoodie, one orange t-shirt and one orange pant to my cart. It costs $42.00. I think to myself, "I didn't really want to spend $42 on a costume." Negative feelings start to come up - like anger at spending so much on a Halloween costume for a 1 year old. And shame, I shouldn't spend this much money.

I see a little pop-up come through. "If you spend $50, you get 5% back! Only $8 to go!" It was gamified, had a bar showing me how much more to spend. I considered it for a moment, it seemed very enticing! And then I did the math.

This little pop-up is what inspired this post. If I add $8 to my cart, I will get $2.50 back. What a deal!!! *rolls eyes*

Below are some of the little tricks I've seen from retailers, enjoy!

Common Retail Sales Practice.png