Hey! Stop Dining Out! (or doing takeout)

The number one place my clients tend to spend the most money is on dining out or take out (or any pre-made foods). 

Why? It's because we're all too damn busy! We all have our excuses: 

"I'm too tired"

"It takes too long"

"I hate cleaning up"

Here's the thing - every meal you cook doesn't have to take 2 hours or be a Michelin feast. Food during the week is not entertainment, it's a necessity. In fact, ALL your food is NOT your entertainment. Period, end of story.

If you like cooking or baking, that's great!

But, it is a hobby. If you like trying new restaurants, also great! Still a hobby. 

If you're a coffee connoisseur - hobby

If you're a foodie - hobby

If you like food fights - hobby

If you eat a meal with your family during the week - necessity

You can designate money towards your hobbies, but it shouldn't coincide with your grocery budget. I'm not trying to take all your fun away, really! That said, good conversation with family and friends is not a result of the food you eat, it's a result of the relationships you've built. You all know what I mean!

Anyways - here's a great way to have quick easy food ALL week. It costs $2.62 per 6oz serving! And you only have to spend about one hour* on Sunday to make it happen (*with a pressure cooker). Enjoy! 

Stop dining out!.png
Morgen Rochard