Hey! Stop Wasting Food!

Why is my grocery bill so high? 

Food is a necessity so we think there is nothing wrong with spending $20k per year on groceries. And we're right! There IS nothing wrong with spending $20k per year on groceries if we enjoy every morsel of food, don't waste anything, and still have money left over for our vacation fund. Except who is really doing that?

Raise your hand if you eat everything you buy all the time, never waste anything, and never regret buying something annoying to prepare at the grocery store. 

Keep your hand raised if you think it's your spouse's fault that the household wastes so much food. (Now put it down and take some ownership!)

Here are some ways to think about your grocery shopping that will help curtail waste and pad your bank account at the same time:

stop wasting food!.png
Morgen Rochard